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I want to stop drinking tea from big brand’s such as Lipton. Instead I want to buy some loose-leaf teas.The reasons that I want to do so is because loose-leaf tea’s are in bigger pieces and suffer less oxidation from being in many crumbs[read: less surface area to get oxidative stress]

Loose leaf tea floats freely in your teapot, there is no concern over glues or other chemicals,

One type of tea that I want to try is Matcha. It’s a powdered green tea from Japan that supposedly has 10x as many antioxidants as regular green tea.

I wake up each morning with a cup of coffee but I’ve been thinking about whether it’s beneficial to continue doing so. At least maybe I should try drinking a cup of green tea with my coffee to reduce the hard-edge stimulant side of it. There is research[1] that L-Theanine, found in the tea plant may have neuroprotective effects.

Whereas no behavioral effects on hit rate were apparent for either treatment alone at the low dosages tested here, when both L-theanine and caffeine were ingested together, hit rate underwent an enhancement of ∼3%

Evidence of a synergistic relationship between L-theanine and caffeine has been presented in recent behavioral studies.

Rogers et al. (34) found that L-theanine tended to counteract the caffeine-induced rise in blood pressure but did not interact with caffeine-induced increases in either alertness or “jitteriness” on state anxiety scales.



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